Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Baby sweater... intimidating

So I said yesterday that I wanted to start working on patterns that I find more challenging.. like knitting a sweater. I have decided that I am going to do a baby sweater! I have started it ... but I am still nervous. I am using Patons Classic Wool and the color is Pumpkin.

The pattern I am using is in the book itty-bitty nursery by Susan B. Anderson

There are a ton of great patterns in this book! Mine copy from the library has a ton of post its on pages. I guess I better get to Amazon and find a copy for myself! The patterns are easy to read, and there are explanations in the book for every stitch or abbreviation.

Start something today that you are nervous or scared to do! It just may be the best thing for you!

Happy crafting!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Chevron pattern dishcloth

Everyone now days is using the chevron pattern on everything!!! I made my own pattern for a dishcloth. I wish I had used a solid color. It is hard to see the pattern with a variegated yarn. The yarn is cotton and the brand is Lily Sugar n' Cream. I like this yarn a lot. It is the regular yarn I use. It stays together well and doesn't fray easily.

I just used a series of purl and knits to create the pattern. I am in the process of writing the pattern for this cloth. Again, I recommend that you use a plan color of yarn for this pattern so that you can see it when it is all done!

Are there other items that you are nervous to knit?? I can do socks, dishcloths, scarfs, hand warmers, neck warmers, and hats.. but I have never tried a sweater... so I have decided to start working on a baby sweater.. LOL you have to start somewhere! I will keep you updated with my progress on it!

Happy crafting!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

New yarn... cotton/ hemp

I decided that I was going to make something with my yarn. It is from Martha Stewart, and is a cotton/hemp blend called Peacock. I decided that I would try out a new pattern for a dishcloth! I am learning some new lace patterns. The yarn has a very nice texture. I love the richness of the color... but the yarn has a tendency to fray and it is very easy to mix up the stitches if you are not paying attention. Overall... I would still buy this product, but would not use it for a lace pattern!

I joined a Knit Along Group on yahoo. Every month we knit 2 dishcloths in different patterns. It is a lot of fun! I don't always keep up with everyone, but it is fun when I am able to keep up!

To join the group click here. It is really fun and all of the people in the group are very helpful!

Well off to knit and knit somemore...

Happy Crafting!

Friday, June 21, 2013


Joanns.com was having an online sale... :) SOOO I bought some yarn! I picked yarns that I have never worked with before. I am very happy with the colors that I got. The two from Martha Stewart are Cotton and Hemp. I like the way it feels, but it separates very easily when I am knitting with it. I haven't used the Lion Brand yet.. but I already like cool silkiness of it!

I am still using cotton and wool yarns! I am scared of using anything else. :\ I need to be braver and branch out.. Maybe a silk or something! LOL What fibers are you nervous about trying out?

Happy crafting!

Saturday, June 15, 2013


I have now finished 3 pairs of knitted wool socks! LOVE knitted socks! They were presents for family members, and they love them! I found the most wonderful pattern and I'm going to share the link with you all!! This pattern is VERY user friendly! I was so happy with the results! I felt very fancy! I am a beginner knitter so to create something other than a scarf or dishtowel was so fulfilling!

Take a look at this site! You won't be disappointed!

Have a great day! Keep on knitting and crafting!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Fiber SNOB... yep that's me!

I have been hitting quite a few farmer's markets and festivals lately, and I have seen a lot of booths with acrylic yarn! I say EWWWW  just touching it is gross! LOL the more I knit the less likely I will ever knit with something that is not natural! I LOVE wool and cottons and want to explore hemp and more exotic fibers! Any suggestions of fibers or brands you love? What are you making with these awesome fibers?

Best Wishes!

Life.... hmmmm

I don't know why it always shocks me that I have forgotten to update my blog! It has been so long! I am working on getting some knitting done! I have some tribbles, and dish cloths that I have knitted. AND more exciting... I just ordered some awesome cotton yarns online and they should be arriving soon!! I am so excited to try out some new fibers! :) Keep watching for updates and links to my etsy store! :)

Hope you are all doing well!